Simple IP-PBX solution with New Rock (Newrock) and Htek IP-Phones

This is very simple cost effective solution for small business IP telephony from New Rock that meets all your needs for telephony system FAX, messaging FOIP, call recording and also support VPN and remote extensions.


The Newrock Officium 20/50  are All-in-One telephony systems. They provide seamless connectivity to not only PSTN and analog terminals, but also IP-based SIP trunks and SIP terminals. Using VoiP, the OM supports inter-office calls over the Internet or VPN.

Newrock OM20 with 20 IP extension and 4 Analog ports ( 2 x PSTN / 2 x FXS | 4 x PSTN)

Newrock OM50 with 50 IP extension and 12 Analog ports (  8 x PSTN / 4 x FXS | 4 x PSTN / 8 x FXS)

Htek UC803 2SIP Account POE Backlite 5 BLF

Htek UC902 2SIP Account POE Backlite

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